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Backup as a Service

There is no shortcut to organizing and operating the data backup of a company, whatever its size. It implicates consistent and rigorous practices to ensure around-the-clock availability of any data that can be useful or even critical for your business.

Simple, automated and secure

Efficient backup means :

  • ensuring that each backup copy is flawless
  • guaranteeing full data protection
  • accurate, fast and efficient data restore in case of an incident
  • backup media is managed in an efficient manner

A solution that really measures up

Our Backup as a Service solution can adapt towards your specific requirements and expectations, which allows you to match it with additional features and services to best fulfill your expectations:

  • incremental backups that are available on a permanent basis
  • customization of the “third level” backup protection (tape backup) to match your preferred data archiving strategy
  • full data encryption at the source prior to any data transfer to the System Solutions datacenter
  • permanent availability of the System Solutions Service Desk staff for personalized assistance in case of questions or need of data recovery operations or backup assistance

What makes our Backup as a Service different?

  • a fully automated service including a daily monitoring of successful backup completion
  • a local copy on your site for fast and immediate data restore operations
  • a secure copy of your backup on a daily basis to the System Solutions datacenter(s)
  • no more need for local backup operations or tape handling
  • a trusted solution: your data is protected in a secure datacenter operated by a local partner
  • professional support by the System Solutions Service Desk
  • flexible, adaptive and scalable service-oriented solution
  • cost-effective extension towards an affordable Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Backup as a service Infographics

Price Simulation

You wish to have a first idea of the cost of the outsourcing of your backup or a part of your IT?

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