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A Local partner at your side

Founded in Luxemburg in 1996, System Solutions specializes in managing IT environments so that its customers can grow their organizations, reduce operating costs, and improve risk management. Since 2011, the Company has extended its offerings to assist financial services firms in their corporate transformations through the use of cloud services. It provides a comprehensive line of related services that range from consulting and development, to hosting and account management – including 24x7 technical and operational support.

As part of its hosting services, System Solutions manages customer applications in private clouds, as a result, can enhance their services, communicate with their customers, control their costs, and better focus on their core competencies.

Scalable and customized cloud services

System Solutions’ cloud services enable allows our customers to outsource all or part of their IT infrastructure to increase their flexibility in delivering their processes and services.

They can rapidly augment their IT resources by accessing private clouds that have scalable computing, storage and network resources. With no upfront costs, they pay only for the resources that they use – without having to manage costly storage, server and network resources.

What’s more, they benefit from genuine Quality of Service provisions, as well as disaster recovery services in the event of a technical problem.

Partner ecosystem

System Solutions is committed to complying with the Cloud and virtualization architecture standards. Our long-term relationships with the market’s key infrastructure vendors enable us to offer reliable solutions that can be customized to our customer’s specific needs. As an HP Agile Cloud Certified First Partner in Luxemburg and French-speaking Belgium, System Solutions also offers its customers the benefits that are associated with mature, certified and secure private cloud environments.

System Solutions’ Cloud partnerships include: MICROSOFT – VEEAM – VMWARE – ORACLE - CITRIX

Saving time, effort and money

In compliance with the requirements of Luxemburg’s financial sector control authorities, System Solutions’ cloud services are hosted in THREE datacenters, which are located in Luxemburg territory. System Solutions manages this infrastructure from end-to-end, saving companies from the hasslesof dealing with maintenance, back-up and enhancement issues.Technologies and organizational procedures are audited periodically, guaranteeing high availability and security levels.

System Solutions’ cloud services provide the following:

  • User authentication
  • Confidentiality of stored and in-transit information
  • Availability controlled by monitoring tools
  • Traceability – including internal and external emails that are associated with investigation and validation activities.

Key performance indicators are analysed on an ongoing basis for monitoring the storage and computing infrastructure, as well as reactions to potential incidents based on pre-established SLAs.

Personalized Services

System Solutions designs and implements cloud solutions that are customized to our customers’ specific needs:

  • Assessment, transfer and mitigation of risks associated with specific business requirements
  • Project planning, structuring and implementation.
  • Strategies providing the best path to the cloud
  • Application migrations to the cloud

System Solutions designs the hardware and software platform that provides the best fit for a customer’s specific needs. We size the right number of servers, and recommend the database that will best align with the customer’s specific requirements. We provide a comprehensive line of services – from the Data Center Layer all the way to the Application Infrastructure Layer. They include standard infrastructure applications, such as email services, file management, SharePoint and database management.

In addition to right-sizing the customer’s infrastructure, our services include local support (via Telephone, email, fax or internet portal), and can integrate 24x7 monitoring of the customer’s environment.

Professionnel du secteur financier


System Solutions’ cloud services fully comply with Luxemburg’s Financial Sector Monitoring Commission (CSSF) standards. Financial services firms, as a result, can control their risk exposure by achieving specific objectives that are associated with their systems operations.

This ensures that they can fully protect their customers’ strategic and confidential data.


System Solutions hosted services’ compliance with Financial Sector (PSF) regulations is audited periodically.

We manage all storage and security-related issues – from planning through implementation – to reduce the risks associated with security breaches or data loss.

In both of our local data centers, we also enforce local access restrictions to personal data that are required by Luxemburg’s regulatory authorities


System Solutions’ cloud services comply with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices that aim to guarantee IT service quality and continuity. All System Solutions staff members (engineers, consultants, experts, and secretaries) are ITIL-certified. The company also applies the processes, procedures and tasks that are required to obtain functional and technical environment certification, such as

  • Service management: service availability, capacity requirements, and business continuity based on related SLAs
  • Change management : compliance with standard methodologies, processes and procedures (resource creation and removal)
  • Information Security management


System Solutions delivers an annual report on the financial, regulatory and operational impact of its activities. Specifically, it describes how the company manages the following operational risks :

  • Documentation of key procedures and internal controls/p>
  • Information security (confidentiality, integrity, business continuity, traceability, physical and logical segregation in virtualized infrastructure services)
  • Business Continuity Planning – including disaster recovery
  • Human Resources that are involved in the provision of services to the financial services industry

In addition, System Solutions provides assistance to its customers in delivering their annual RAR report associated with their IT infrastructure and Business Continuity Plans (BCP).